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LEGAL NOTICES:  Defy the Lie, Embrace the Truth, Community Healing Days, Emotional Emancipation Circles, EE Circles, EECs, Valuing Black Lives Global Summit, Breathe, Baby, Breathe, Clearing the Way for Back Children to Flourish, Global Truth Campaign and Tour, and all related Community Healing Network copyrights, marks, and logos are copyrights and service marks owned exclusively––and stewarded––by Community Healing Network, Inc., and may not be used without its prior written permission. Local Global Truth Tour and Community Healing Days hosts and organizers, EEC facilitators, trainers, hosts, and organizers, and others in similar roles are wholly independent, and are not employees, agents, partners, or affiliates of Community Healing Network, Inc., or CHN’s primary collaborator, the Association of Black Psychologist

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